Update of my Mind!

So much of our technology updates automatically. My cell phone prompts me and I can even schedule the update while charging overnight. It is so easy.

Why can’t I have an automatic update for myself!?

Today I went into town (20+ mile drive one way) to run some errands. I intended to make a deposit at the bank and and then head to the hardware store for shelving to go in the kitchenette/laundry area of the studio.

About halfway into town I realized my deposit was still on my desk.

Once home,  I logged into my bank’s mobile app and looked to see if they did virtual deposits. Seems to be a new thing. Not only does my bank do them, it was super easy! In only a few minutes it was all complete. I didn’t even have to leave home.

At least not with my stuff!

About then I became aware of a lump in my back left pocket: AAW! my checkbook with the deposit. I had it with me after all. Oh well — perhaps that was my update!



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