Shading With Paint

Shading on a quilted surface can add depth and drama. Here you will see hot to use paint to shade ZAQ, Zentangle Adapted Quilting.  

Crescent Moon and Hollibaugh

Crescent Moon and Hollibaugh are two tangles that are basic to Zentangle®. As an experiment I spent several weeks doing one three and a half inch tile with just these two patterns to see how long it took to get bored of them. Rather than getting bored I got interested in how much I could do with them. Here are a few of the forty some that I made during the experiment.

A Sketchbook Page

A sketchbook is a repository of ideas. I keep mine as reference for tangles and to inspire me when I am quilting. Here is how I created a page in my 2015 Sketchbook — from beginning to end. Want to know more about sketchbooks? Join me for “Zentangle Sketchbook Starter Class” on Saturday August 29, 2015 at StudioNysha in Bartlett, TN


Time lapse of ZAQ, Zentangle Adapted Quilting

A little quilt sandwich gets quilted with ZAQ, Zentangle Adapted Quilting which is when Zentangle patterns are adapted to free-motion, continuous line quilting.

Zentangle Adapted Quilting Examples, slide show

You have seen Zentangle®. Yet you wonder what if looks like when quilted. Here are some examples of how I have done ZAQ (Zentangle Adapted Quilting)

Shading Snowflake Zentangle Inspired Art

Shading, or adding grays to an otherwise black and white Zentangle® can make a real difference. Here is a ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) that has all of it’s pattern — watch the shading bring it alive!

Crescent Moon

Once the Crescent Moon is quilted adding shading will help the whole thing ‘pop!’

Crescent Moon Zentangle Adapted Quilting Part 1

Zentangle® is a method of creating pattern with simple marks on paper. Crescent moon is one basic pattern. Here the pattern is adapted to continuous line quilting. In part two we shade it.

Testing Tension

Before beautiful quilting happens your machine must have good tension. This is how I test my tension before I begin quilting.

Zentangle Adapted Quilting, #1, Part one

Zentangle® is a method of creating pattern that is simple and can create calm and focus. Zentangle Adapted Quilting, ZAQ, applies the Zentangle method to continuous line quilting.

Zentangle Adapted Quilting, #1, Part two

The continuation of part one. This time I add shading to the finished quilting.



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