Oh What A Beautiful Thomas! 

Oh What A Beautiful Thomas
Oh What A Beautiful Boy
I got a beautiful feeling
Every thing’s going your way.

One morning after Thomas was first born I was feeding him a bottle and began singing an altered version of the Oklahoma! musical hit, “Oh What A Beautiful Morning.” I altered the words, replacing his name for ‘morning’ and boy for ‘day.’ I have continued this ritual sometimes adding verses talking about the “bright golden bowl of apple sauce…” or what ever happens to be on my mind.

I didn’t think anything of it until this summer. I had gone to Iowa to go through some things in my parent’s house. In the basement I found a box of things from my childhood. One forgotten item was a little music box that hung on my bedroom door.

Two guesses what it plays! (If your player won’t play the video above click here to watch on YouTube!)

Interesting that this song reappeared after decades in a seemingly unconscious way.

I have also noticed going through that old stuff; Illustrated children’s books I loved growing up which have hatching, or rows of small lines that create form and shading. Interesting that I work with either stitches line or inked ones in much the same way. A painting that hung in the living room most of my childhood (but in the basement since my high school days) is mostly dark with only a few lines of lightness. I am drawn to create very dark toned work with small amounts of high contrast! What about the crocheted throw with bright coloured blocks that always lived on the sofa when I was young. I use bright colours all the time!

I am curious to see what I find when I start going through all the photos and slides from Iowa. What hidden clues will be revealed about me?
What influences are you aware of from your childhood?

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  1. Lovely!


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