Learn design principles while uncovering your natural visual inclinations.

During six three hour classes we will create a visual record of process, principles, and preferences.

There is no need for previous experience or ‘artistic ability’ only a desire to learn and uncover. B’Zyn” is all about your natural design inclination.

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Quilt-and-PaintQuilt and Paint

In this class you will explore the exciting world of adding colour to fabric without the use of dye.

Solid colour, blended colour, shading on both quilted and unquilted substrates with a variety of application methods. Whether traditional, contemporary or something else anything is a candidate for adding colour!

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dotsConnect the Dot Design

“Connect the Dot Design I” You will learn the basic design principles as you create original designs for repeating patterns or quilt designs, layouts for whole cloth designs or simply for fun. Learn to reduce and enlarge with a technique that requires NO MATH!

This class will give you the tools to make your own original designs simply! As simple as the pictures you did in childhood where you connected the dots in numerical order. This class is a class for those who have never designed or drawn before and perhaps are afraid.

“Connect the Dot Design II, Construction” You will learn all the skills necessary to translate your Connect the Dot Designs into reality. Learn simple methods of piecing complex designs and bring your designs to life. Techniques taught including rapid sewing methods, and “Visual Piecing.”

“Connect the Dot Design III, Pattern” Learn how to translate the principles of Connect the Dot Design into pattern and execution. Modify a single motif into a repetitive patterns or continuous line quilting pattern.Theories and methods are learned and exercised for both.

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free-quiltFree-Motion Quilting 101

In “Free-Motion Quilting 101” you will learn beginner basics; from setting up your machine to (all the issues of?) controlling the process, basting, moving, patterns and approaches to the quilting line.

Learn when to use different types of batting. Learn what thread will give you the effect that you are looking for. Also blocking, pressing and more will be covered with visual examples.

Whether you have quilted before or not, feel you are artistic or not this class is for you!

Participants will learn basic free-motion quilting, free-motion machine embroidery, machine trapunto and so much more.

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dimensions-in-quiltingDimensions in Quilting: Trapunto and Shadow Trapunto

“Dimensions in Quilting: Trapunto and Shadow Trapunto” explores the possibilities of dimension through layering which are easy to learn and execute.

Add an additional layer of batting to create depth, or augment the surface colour by layering alternate colors beneath the top fabric.

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Zentangle® Classes

Clsc-004-300x295Zentangle® is a method of creating pattern that can be calming and relaxing and can aid in focus.

Basics Classes introduce you to the fundamentals of the Zentangle® method and create your own piece of tangled art. No artistic ability is needed!

Advanced classes teach additional patterns and give you more skills to use while practicing Zentangle®.

See calendar for classes or contact to receive more information about having a Zentangle® Class for your group or school.



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