Almost Completely Moved In!

boxes and bins loaded onto shelving

boxes and bins loaded onto shelving


The studio move is complete — well, almost complete. The moving of stuff from the old studio in Bartlett is done. I even dropped off the keys and got my deposit back. The unpacking is mostly complete, very few boxes remain. Even the gallery space is hung with artwork. The organization of the space however is not finished! Will it ever be?

StudioMoveIn2One frustration of moving in has been the redoing of things once thought complete. The office was finished. Then more unpacked supplies were found in another space belonging there. Not a few items either! Shelved items carefully arranged suddenly had to be rearranged because a whole new category of things went there with them. Shelving needed reconfiguring — taking shelves from one unit and adding to another unit eliminating entire units without loosing actual shelving. (Yeah! Metro Shelving and it’s versatility!)

The best part of unpacking so far is that the two items I thought were lost in the move have shown up. I had hoped the scissors lost in the last move three years ago would show up in this move. So far, no. [sigh]

Looking forward to someday soon actually creating with paper or fabric. It is great to create the space, and while I enjoy decorating it is not my chosen job. I would like to get back to what I really love, creating in fabric and paper while enjoying the studio of my dreams!

Longarm in place with storage behind

Longarm in place with storage behind




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